Major Degree in General Administration

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Major Degree in General AdministrationManagement is considered an old science, emerging and newly formed. Management itself is the process of achieving the planned goals through optimal utilization of all available human and material resources, and through a clear and rational methodology within a specific environmental framework. It is a process based on two elements: efficiency and effectiveness.

As for efficiency, it is reaching the desired goal with the least effort, the lowest cost, and the fastest time, and effectiveness is to obtain the best and best results regardless of the cost. The administration included several branches: including marketing, production, sales, finance, personnel, and public administration.

The goals, resources, methodology, and environment are all essentials that serve the basic functions of management, namely planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and these functions have been derived from the state and governments as a servant who volunteered to achieve their goals, and the administrative system used by the state has become known as the public administration.

Public administration, according to what we mentioned, is undoubtedly one of the branches of sociology, because man is the basis of this science. It is concerned with the human being to provide services to another person, and here the state itself provides services to the citizen, so the public administration is simply the quantity and quality of the state.

From here, we conclude that the state throughout the ages has been and continues to use this type of administration, as it targets the way the state carries out its work and achieves its goals, but it has nothing to do with politics, which we must take into account.

Public administration is based on several foundations, in the way in which state policies are implemented, and it includes the three functions of higher administrations: the judicial authority, the executive authority, and the judicial authority that is related to the authority and its objectives, and which contribute greatly to determining the state’s policies. It uses methods and principles that are identical with all administrative sectors in society, such as the private sector, in terms of achieving goals. Where it has its advantages, rules, foundations, and theories that govern its functioning and implementation.

There is one aspect we need to know, which is where is the importance and utility of vernacular administration? Why is it an important science for individuals and states?

The inclusiveness of the state’s functions and functions is increasing, making internal and external security equal functions in the matter while preserving the progress of society and its social, economic, and healthy growth in various fields, which increases the responsibilities and burdens of the state.

The establishment of projects is no longer the preserve of the private sector. Rather, the state is establishing its own projects in the service of society and in areas that need more attention, development, and growth, in order to raise the standard of living and the progress of the state itself.

The comprehensiveness of the state’s actions made it in dire need of an organization and management methodology, and here was the most prominent role of public administration, and the optimal opportunity to occupy its position in the state.

The need for the state to regulate the work of the private and public sector, and to maintain smooth work in all areas without any obstacles or problems and defects that may harm its interests, and direct it towards achieving its specific and specific goals.

These are the most important features of public administration that made it a basic pillar in countries that seek to have a place among the developed countries and to form an advanced society based on foundations and principles.

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