What is Interior Design Major Degree?

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What is Interior Design Major DegreeWhen building and constructing a house, you need an engineer, but what is the relationship with interior design major degree? Architect and interior designer are the names that intertwine with each other. Are they the same thing? Or is architecture more comprehensive? Can an architect be an interior designer? What is the function of each? Architecture is the study of five years of engineering to obtain practical knowledge and experience in the field of design or implementation of facilities, through the design of a residential building and the design of the distribution of rooms within it, as for the design of the decoration, it is for identifying what is inside the building from the design of the decoration, colors and home furnishings.

Interior design is considered one of the applied sciences stemming from the fine arts and aesthetics. It has been associated with architecture greatly, and multiple styles of decorations have appeared since ancient times; The buildings appeared in various forms with special interior decoration, there is the Islamic decoration, Pharaonic, Roman, and other styles.

Interior design is concerned with the space inside the building, and the method of controlling and managing this space so that it looks the most beautiful and the best view while meeting living conditions, and it is responsible for the aesthetic design and harmonious coordination between the sensory and emotional components. The emotional motive for comfort in it, and the design of the decoration is not limited to building decorations, but also to coordinate the furniture, its materials, the method of distribution, and the colors.

An architectural engineer can become an interior designer, but after studying the distances related to decoration, which is originally from the art sciences, and he has a scientific background in studying spaces, divisions, and other things in architecture.

The most important topics and studies for interior design are the following:

  • First: the study of aesthetics

Sensory beauty: It is all related to the sensory components of the human being, the person has five main senses, which are comfortable in some places because they contain a calm pattern, unlike other disturbing patterns because they do not meet the human sensory conditions. The sensual beauty is represented by visual beauty, auditory and tactile beauty, interaction with the smell, and optimal ways and means to apply this beauty by being borrowed from nature. Whether as the color of trees and the shape of flowers, as well as the sounds of music that occurred from the song of birds. The decoration extracted from naturalness is closest to the human feeling and comfort.

Emotional beauty: This beauty comes after the completion of sensual beauty, as an additional step, most of which will be in tourist facilities, hotels, and breaks, and this type of beauty is concerned with feelings of satisfaction, contentment, happiness, and enjoyment.

  • Second: The study of fine arts

It is represented in painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and poetry with the integration of some other arts, and the study is detailed because the origin of the science of decoration is one of the fine arts.

  • Third: The study of applied arts

It is an application that includes the merging of the foundations of aesthetics with conceptual design to reach the final form of a tangible object: furniture, utensils, and others.

The field of applied arts is broad, including industrial design and graphic design, fashion design, decorative art, and finally, decoration design.

An interior designer needs to be familiar with previous studies with a major in applied arts in interior design so that he studies the transformation of the spatial void of buildings into decorations that meet the technical conditions he studied.

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